Competitive concepts for energy production

Working Principle

Solar updraft power plants use the passive solar heating effect, which means that ambient air underneath a flat glass roof is heated up by the sun which causes it to expand and get more lightweight than ambient air. The hot and lightweight air streams towards the center of the whole system and is then heading through the hollow tower up into the sky.

In the bottom of the tower, the turbine-generator sets are located which are rotating because of the artificial wind created by the hot air travelling continuously through the system. As a result, the generator converts rotational energy in electric energy, even during night times when appropriate thermal storages are installed.

As an initial project, we always recommend to build a smaller pilot plant at first before developing a second plant in commercial size.

We offer as well combination projects where our high rising towers can be centered within specific environments with a high degree of attractiveness such as theme parks, convention centers or observation tower installations.

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