Competitive concepts for energy production


Our updraft power plants use most recent German engineering technology and produce electricity out of solar energy. Latest results from international research groups are integrated as well during design, planning and setup phase.

The power plants themselves produce electric power completely pollution-free as no combustible substances are used.

The plants consist of three main components:

• The glass covered collector
• The turbine and generator sets
• The central hollow tower structure

As a supplement, an innovative thermal energy storage system can be installed which enables the plant to generate electric energy also during night times.

  • View of a Pilot Plant Installation

  • View of an industrial Power Plant

Our portfolio covers:

  • Planning, setup and operation of pilot plant installations

  • Planning, setup and operation of commercial power plants

  • Combination projects where our high rising updraft towers are centered within highly attractive
    business clusters, such as theme parks, convention centers and observation tower assemblies.